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Sunday, 6 June, 2010 - 18:16
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Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x?

GetQuote is an extension to the spreadsheet application, Calc. It adds the GETQUOTE function which returns a price or volume quote (and many other types of quotes) for a stock. It also adds the GETHISTORY function which returns similar information for a range of dates.

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Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
1.0 System Independent 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 06/06/2010 - 18:20 More information Download


Any idea how much effort it would take to create an XLQ like extension for OO?

May 12, 2014 update: I downloaded the current version, 1.1, of this extension from the author's website. That fixed most of the #VALUE! issues. I'm guessing that the rest of the issues really are data type problems that I can fix myself.

May 11, 2014 Thank you for this wonderful extension. I need some help though. Types 1 through 5 work great but type 6 through 30 give me #VALUE!. What do I need to do differently?
I appreciate your help.

Hi, it seems that there are some interaction problems between LibreOffice and GetQuote 1.1

It would be great if you could visit
"Bug 62472 - Cells referring to values by "Extension GetQuote 1.1" with wrong value after FILEOPEN"
"Bug 63823 - GetQuote 1.1: Installation fails with Java error message"
"Bug 63824 - GetQuote 1.1: breaks cell formatting "
and help us a little with debugging.

Thank you and best regards

Rainer Bielefeld
(LibO QA Volunteer)

Hi: I am a complete newby to and calc and GetQuote . . . However, I have had great success with setting up a sheet with about 60 or so stock quotes, Indices and a few currencies - They all seem to be feeding in from Yahoo! ok . . . except one!! I have tried various configurations but I can't get anything to download for ^DJI except #VALUE! I have also tried referencing it from another cell:

=GETQUOTE("^DJI") result: #VALUE!

=GETQUOTE(E14) result: #VALUE!

=GETQUOTE(""^DJI"") result: Err:509

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Amen to that, but I've found an approximation that is something of a work around.
Use DIA (An ETF based on the Dow Jones Industrials) and multiply the cell result by 100. Today (5/16/13) the difference between the two (^DJI= 15,233.22, DIA *100=15,235) is 1.78

Van D. Olmstead, Jr.

I have a range of stock quotes created by the GetQuote() add-in. I assume I cannot copy a range, because this would copy the range formula instead of the value - but copying the values from the cells individually seems to be very slow - it's as if each time a cell value is copied, the data is retrieved from Yahoo Finance.

I am copying cell values like this:

fitCell.value = dataCell.getValue

...where datacell is a stock price in the GetQuote() formula range.

I have also tried the following:

oDoc = ThisComponent
' --- code to get cell values ---

...but it doesn't seem to help.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before, and does anyone know a remedy, please?

Running OO 3.4.1; installed GetQuote & it is able to look up a quote just fine for me. Thanks.

However, with this: =GETQUOTE(A4) in a cell, if I save the spreadsheet and reload it, what comes up in the cell is which the spreadsheet program displays as #NAME? instead of looking up the quote. Note that if I manually re-enter =GETQUOTE(A4) in the cell it works fine.

Maybe I have something set incorrectly? Appreciate any help. Thanks

Please forward this email to GetQuote extension developer Ted
Thank you for developing GetQuote, GeQuote was successfully loaded to my two computers. However, my third computer, it does not. I have tried all options shown below in the Troubleshooting section , nothing works. It gives a message, indicated red below, about Java Loader. I am trying to figure out why. You probably heard that before from other users. If you have a friend /associate who is a Java/Open Source developer to bring a real answer to the satisfaction of all that have this problem. That will be really appreciated.

Reference :

Q. When I try to install it says: "Could not create Java implementation loader."
Please refer to the Troubleshooting section in the users guide .
6.1 Issue 1

When attempting to install the add-in, OpenOffice reports an error: “Could not create Java implementation loader”.
Try enabling Java in OpenOffice. First, select the Tools | Options... menu. Second, select “Java” on the left hand side of the dialog. Third, look on the right and make sure the “Use a Java run time environment” box is checked. Fourth, select a 1.5 or later version of Java. Fifth, push “OK”. Close OpenOffice, restart it, and try installing the add-in again.

Leo Tezduyar
6349 Cliff Side Drive, Florence, KY 41042

my system is win xp

first i try to delete the old version but i get "Rejecting types due to incompatibility" error. i tried rebooting, but that doesn't help. perhaps it's because i have to versions of java (v6 and v7) on my system? i can't remove the old getquote, nor can i install the new getquote w/o getting the error "Rejecting types due to incompatibility." i'm running win xp

Go to and download CCleaner.exe and install it (assuming you're using a WinTel device). You can also buy a fuller featured copy but the freebie will get you where you need to go. (I made them a donation as I figured they certainly earned it!) After you install it, click on the Tools menu and then on Uninstall. Find the outdated Java and blow it away.

BTW, if you're using a Mac you're probably not asking the question. But CleanMYMac has many similar features PLUS and is well worth the price.
Van D. Olmstead, Jr.

one of my extensions is causing calc to fail with jre/java 7. is it getquote?


Is there a way to fetch more quote types from Yahoo finance? I need current ratio, debt/equity, quarterly revenue growth, quarterly earnings growth, institution ownership and insider ownership. They are all on the key statistics webpage.

Great extension for Calc by the way!


old machine has failed need new copy. How do I get it?

Please visit the main GetQuote website for news and downloads by clicking on the "More information and download..." link above.

old machine has failed need new copy. How do I get it?

I invest in a number of preferred stocks. A lot of them have symbols that contain dashes. Yahoo Finance mangles these names in its own proprietary way. My source list of preferred stocks comes from These symbols match the Google Finance quotes (and my TD Ameritrade account).

At the moment, I solve this problem by using Google Docs, which offers a GoogleFinance() function that lets me query current stock prices much like GetQuote(). However, GetQuote() returns $0 for about half of the symbols in my list, making it nearly worthless as it stands.

So, any chance of doing a version that using Google Finance?

- Joel

I am interested in using your GETQUOTE function, but am getting the error described here:

I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and Calc 3.2 (see below for full version info), and also had the error before upgrading from 10.4. I see the same error in spreadsheets I create and the portfolio balancing sample you posted on your blog. I will continue to investigate the error on my own, but don't want to bang my head against the wall if you already have a fix or possible ideas for a solution.

Thanks for your time developing the function.

Full Version info: 3.2.1
OOO320m19 (Build:9505)
ooo-build, Ubuntu package 1:3.2.1-7ubuntu1