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Monday, 1 October, 2007 - 20:18
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EuroOffice Solver provides a fast algorithm to solve the linear programming problem in OpenOffice Calc. A linear programming problem consists of a set of linear inequalities on a number of real variables and a given linear function (on these real variables) which is to be maximized or minimized.

  • The tried and true Simplex algorithm performs well on practically occuring cases.
  • All kinds of inequalities (<=, >= and =) are supported.
  • Similar in purpose to Microsoft Excel's solver and Optimization Solver, EuroOffice Solver is a step ahead with its innovative user interface.
  • Store the problem description in cells of a Calc spreadsheet and experiment by changing parameters and watching the solution change accordingly in real time!
  • Save and load solvers for use in your workflow!

The professional version of EuroOffice Solver is also available! In addition to the simplex algorithm it includes the Hungarian algorithm, which efficiently solves assignment problems, as well as quadratic and nonlinear optimization algorithms.

For installation instructions and further information check our FAQ!

Don't miss the annotated example!

EuroOffice Solver

Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
1.9.2 Windows, Linux, MacOS X 3.4 26/03/2010 - 06:22 More information Download
1.9.1 Windows, Linux, MacOS X 3.4 30/10/2009 - 11:01 More information Download
1.9 Windows, Linux, MacOS X 3.4 10/05/2009 - 12:47 More information Download
1.7 Windows, Linux, MacOS X 3.4 17/09/2008 - 15:56 More information Download
1.6 Windows, Linux, MacOS X 3.4 02/06/2008 - 15:35 More information Download
1.5 Windows, Linux, MacOS X 3.4 16/02/2008 - 05:32 More information Download
1.3 Windows, Linux, MacOS X -- 10/10/2007 - 12:23 More information Download
1.2 Windows, Linux, MacOS X 3.4 04/10/2007 - 22:57 More information Download
1.1 Windows, Linux 3.4 01/10/2007 - 20:24 More information Download


Hi all,
Does anyone know if there is possible to use EuroOffice Solver (or another extension) to perform the post-optimal (or dual) analysis of a linear program?


This extension do not work on OOO 3.0, Jaunty (Ubuntu 9.04)

But it soon will! We are working on Python 2.6-compatible versions of all of our extensions and hope to be able to release them this week.

EDIT: Sorry, I meant 2.6 but wrote 2.5 at first.

Daniel Darabos, MultiRacio Ltd.

If you have tried 1.1 and it did not really solve anything for you, then we beg your forgiveness and please update to 1.2, in which a serious bug affecting many installations has been fixed. Also it now runs on Mac OS X (for now only Intel and only the X11 flavor of

Daniel Darabos / MultiRacio Ltd.