OO Sinhalese Translator

This is a English to Sinhalese Translator extension.

This extension is specially designed for OpenOffice writer. There are two main functionalities of OO Sinhalese Translator, first manual translator where you can get the translation by giving the preferred English word manually. This functionality can be used with any OpenOffice application. Second is automatic translator where the translation can be obtained by just hi-lighting the preferred English word after enabling the automatic translation.


transpose un tableau 2D ( avec 1 ou plusieurs ligne et colonnes d'entetes et supportant les cellules fusionnées en entete ) en une source de donnée (1D) utilisable pour les TCD ( tableau croise dynamique ou pilote de données ) ou importation en BDD

unpivot a 2D tab with multiple header ( including merge celll ) into single data line format for data pilot (pivottable) or db import