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Base, Calc, Writer
writer, Calc, date, time, timestamp, Base
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Sunday, 16 September, 2007 - 19:48
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Compatible with OpenOffice 4: Yes
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Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x?

Version 2.0.3 2008-10-13
Provides six functions to insert date or time or timestamp, as text / string or field / value, in Writer / Calc,
Pre-formatted to user needs ( ISO8601 format, adjustable) with German locale strings, English format notation in source: just un-comment.

This extension will install a Basic library/modules with the BASIC macros. They can be used for keyboard shortcut or customized toolbar assignment, or to run them from menu.

For Calc documents, you can configure to overwrite (replace) or add insertion to any existing cell content. Position (pre/post) and separators can be defined.
User-defined text can be added, too, to get something like "Call entered at: 2007-10-24 12:34:56"

2011-03-01 Extension still working on OOo3.2

2015-05-05 Compatible to version 4


Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
2.0.3b System Independent 2.x, 4.0, 4.1 11/05/2015 - 10:30 More information Download
2.0.3 System Independent -- 14/10/2008 - 06:48 More information Download
2.0.1 System Independent -- 22/10/2007 - 17:55 More information Download


i setup the format of my time stamp to be HH:MM:SS

it's showing up great in the sheet, but I couldn't understand the values showing in the formula bar and somehow it messes up the end result in formula with other cells. Like in the sheet i'm showing 4:58:26, but in the formula bar it shows up as 983620:58:26. And I couldn't get the results that I want using this timestamp. Please I need your kind help, I know nothing much about programming so if you would be kind to explain it in detail.

I would like the time on the formula bar to be the same with the one showing in the cell just like as if i'm typing it manually. Thanks.

Configration of the TEXT return values is made within the DateTime2_func module from line 169 on.

Please use the "Contact the author" link if you have questions or problems... I don't visit the Extension Website often, as you see :)

The cumbersome configuration process has cost me at least two hours of frustration, and I have not got what I want. I have changed the variables mentioned to
public Const MYTIMEFORMAT = "HH:MM" [unchanged]

The Datum_Feld, Zeit_Feld and Zeitstempel_Feld macros now work as expected, but the Datum_Text and Zeitstempel_Feld macros still return the date in the format 2009-10-25, completely useless to me.

What further steps are necessary to configure the _Text macros, please?


Please addition routine "Table of valor":

Sub MonthCurrent

Dim iMonth as Integer

iMonth = DatePart("m", Now)
Print iMonth

End Sub

Thank !

Hello Winfried,

I strived one full day to be able to get date and time together
in a single click in writer.

I wanted date field or time field to show all of this in a single click:


In the Insert menu ---> Fields -----> Other ----> Fields box opens and in the first column ---> Document under Type
I clicked ---> Date.
I went in ----> additional formats made the necessary change
then -----> clicked Insert.

However, "Select" column shows "Date" and when I want date on my writer page, I am always getting the text 'Date' and not the date itself.

I thought that after installing your extension the above situation will get corrected.
I will get back at least the functional default 'date', I hoped, but in vain.

Working at it has not helped me solve the problem. I am at an impasse.

I will appreciate if you spare your valuable time and help me resolve this so that on clicking 'date' I do not get the text 'date'.

Best regards,
Dr. Ashok Koparday
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Dear Ashok,

as described in the document you can change the source to get "your" date or time format:
Open the Basic editor (Tools>Macros>Organise Macros> Basic) then locate the DateTime2 library with DateTime module.

At top of the source code you'll find three constant strings, which determines the formats to use:


Change the format strings to your needs - and installed locale language.
English formats are included as a sample - others you will find in OOo Help (F1)

Does this solve you problem?

Hello Winfred,

I am consistently pestered by a problem for which I have spent days trying to resolve.

What happened
I went to Insert -> Fields -> Other -> Date -> Additional Formats.

What is the problem
I am persistently getting the word 'date' instead of the date.

What I tried to resolve
* I have made the necessary changes in macros as you described.
* Removing and reinstalling Open Office from Add/Remove Program has not helped.

What I want
I want date and time in one click NNNN MMMM DD, YYYY HH:MM AM/PM
I use Open Office Writer.

What needs to be done
My software 'language' knowledge is zero.
I pray you to guide me.

I am waiting for your kind reply.

Dr. Ashok Koparday

This is an older post, but if anyone has this same issue, here's the answer:

The steps that Dr. Koparday list are instructions to insert a date field into the body of a Writer document. This is native to Writer, and really doesn't apply to the DateTime2 extension.

If you insert the date into the document like this and see the text "Date" or "Date (fixed)", this is a setting within Writer itself. Under "View" choose "Field Settings" (or Ctrl-F9) -- you should see the text "Date" change to the actual date, or vice-versa.