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Wednesday, 29 October, 2008 - 18:01
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An English US (en_US, US English) dictionary for OOo 3.

US English Spell Checking Dictionary

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1.0 System Independent 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 29/10/2008 - 18:03 More information Download


@ ALAIN COGET - Your post makes no sense, just like any other idiotic posts that argue about something like language. There are linguistic differences between nations that use same languages. This is true for the English language, French, Spanish, etc. But I guess it's a waste of time to try to explain it to someone with limited brain capacity like the Europeans. But I am curious how the spelling of an English word like "color" is any of your concern, or anybody else for that matter, and how that is "horrible anti french attack" as you wrote in your post??? Are you drunk? You French are not worth any attack since you're going to surrender within the first 15 minutes. You should stop drinking the horrible French wine and start drinking South American wine which is much better (everybody knows that) and stop eating fries with vinaigrette and mayonnaise (blahhh!). Also, stop posting your ramblings, you're displaying your horrible ignorance and arrogance in the places that have nothing to do with you. And that goes to anybody that does that. Posts from people like you make the YouTube posters look like intellectual giants.

The American English, as mentioned in many posts below, is an officially recognized dialect of English language and no one and nothing will change that. Especially some prejudice and ignorant people.

I can't believe the stupidity and arrogance of some people, but I guess that's how most of the world is today. It's American English, period. It doesn't matter what some ignorant and arrogant Europeans and/or any other foreign uneducated idiots say.

And I can't believe that there is actually a french bigot (and a liar) named ALAIN COGET that posted in a section that has nothing to do with the french. But I'm going to reply to ALAIN COGET's idiotic post anyway. So here it comes. 1) Your arrogance is unbelievable. You or any other euro-moron shouldn't be giving names to any locations in the world since nothing on this planet belongs to you. Europeans didn't discover anything. And just so you know the name "America" was taken from the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci and was not given by any french like you posted. 2) Selling something that doesn't belong to you is so typically "european". Europeans are thieves, bigots and barbarians. Europeans think that they can sell lands that they stole from the native people that lived there and that had more advanced cultures than the european "cultures"... typical european arrogance. 3) What a refrigerator has to do with English language? Of course you lied about it since Americans are world known for being very polite (they are one of the most polite nations) unlike the french which are world known to be one of the most rude people. I lived in a few countries before immigrating to the USA (from South America), so I know what I'm talking about here. And since you don't speak English very well you could have misunderstood what you've been told or you just lied which is most likely what happened here. 4) What TV has to do with anything here? "First broadcasting in France in 1931"? So freaking what? First TV broadcast in the US was in 1928, which also was the first TV broadcast in the world. 5) As for spelling... what can I say to the kind of arrogance you just displayed? You are french and you talk about English??? "Color", "Theater" etc. ARE CORRECT SPELLINGS. It's called American English and it is world-wide recognized dialect of English language. Period. It doesn't matter what some America-hating foreign bigots say. Only what Americans say matters.

People like you (ALAIN COGET) are arrogant and ignorant bigots. Learn English first before posting about English language or even better stop using English all together.

OpenOffice staff should close the posting which does no good at all.

Dear friends!
I am writting to all of you because you are misusing the “Comment” facility given by Open Office.
Just because you disagree does not give you the right to use words “stupidity”, “arrogance”, “uneducated idiots”, “idiotic post”, “euro-moron”, etc.
First of all, people who went to school know that the Americans (except the colored ones), the Canadians, the Australians and some other “Non-Europeans” ARE Europeans. They might have forgotten it, but that is the fact. So, if the Europeans are “euro-morons”, then we know…
Discuss whatever you want, but keep the standards of the civilized world, please.

Will this extension be compatible with OO version 4.1.1 sometime in the near future?

Some people in east of France, creating maps, were annoyed with the name to give to this area, by this time not very well known( If they weren't so incult they should have called it New France , so may be the next french cretin (french word) would have not sold it for a few bucks to the brits ( yes, check who were the bankers)
So instead of calling it colombia ( anyway much of their products goes to the USA ) they wrote down America on their charts and all followers kept it.
But be kind with the french, one of the last time I went in USA I was explained that the white box in the kitchen was to keep things cold. May be a fridge ? Didnt' ask...
As I prefered not speak about the box with sound and image ( first broadcasting Paris France 1931)
But for those who argue that colour and theatre should be written color and theater that an horrible anti french attack. Please stop to say fiancé , rendez vous , souvenir, résumé ( in french Curriculum Vitae ) french fries ( better with vinaigre or mayonnaise) and french window in every book I read. I even don't know what the hell is a french window. She answer in french when you close it Merci merci ?
Mine doesn't. For the mustard de "DIJON" do as you want because it's now an US owned product for most of it...

Funny how Canadians talk about "proper" English when that's not even their language. They don't even have an official language. Canadians speak like Americans and spell like British (for most parts). Another thing that especially Canadians complain about (like they have a right to... pfeeew), and which is also dumb, is the letter "Z". Well, if you think about it the American way of saying it is the right one. There's "B" (bee), "C" (cee), "D" (dee), and many more pronounced the same way (with "e" at the end of them)... so there is "Z" (zee) and NOT (zet)... (ZEE)!!!. Most people in the world wouldn't know if someone is from U.S. or Canada just by hearing them talk and yet the Canadians still think that "their" English is "better"... nothing more arrogant. And what to say about the Brits? They're Brits so they are always arrogant and ignorant especially when it comes to English language. Australians are another arrogant nation that thinks "their" English is better than everyone's else... when they just murdered the English language but what do you expect from a bunch of uneducated convicts.

As an immigrant I prefer American English than British English. Even the spelling makes more sense... like "color" "neighbor" etc. Why add "U" after "O", it just doesn't make any sense. There is no "oou" sound in those words. Or the word "centre"... "centre"??? are you serious??? The order of the letters in "centre" just doesn't make any sense especially to someone that English was not their primary langauge. They will automatically put them in order that will make sense. American English is bad??? You should hear or read Australian English... now we're talking about "murdering" the English language. But I guess it's in fashion to "attack" the American English and not Canadian (which deffers mostly in spelling) or Australian (which is completely messed up). There's less difference between American and Canadian English than between British and Canadian or British and Australian etc. It's really pathetic. As someone (from UK) pointed out British are quite arrogant when it comes to language and they don't understand that same language will evolve in completely different way given time and location (distance) of people that speak it. You can say the same about some words that British use that they are not "correct" or they're "wrong". You can say that those words don't make any sense... like "pavement"... "sidewalk" makes more sense. Or "dustcart"... are you serious about this one??? You just "dust" the streets? Or "Fire Brigade" but they say "Police Station". At least Americans are consistent... "Fire Department" and "Police Department". See? Anyone can say anything about any language. American, British, Canadian, Australian etc. English they are all different and they are all correct no matter how the words are pronounced and spelled. That's why they're called "American English", "Australian English" etc. and not just "English". It's very arrogant to think that someone speaks the "correct" English and someone else does not. In fact every English is the correct one. And just on a side note there was a research done and over 80% of non-English speaking people around the world (that speak English as their second or third launguage) prefer American English. Why wouldn't they? There is nothing wrong with it. I always preferred it over British. Not to mention American English is more widely used world wide especially in business world. I guess that's what bothers the British. If British didn't want their language chaged then they shouldn't be so arrogant and try to enforce it on everyone on the planet.

Sorry, but I'm just tired of seeing this kind of ignorance and arrogance (I'm talking about "my language is correct and yours is not" kind of talk) and that's why I decided to comment on it. Also please keep in mind that English (any dialect of it) is not my primary language so you could find some mistakes in my typing. You can agree or disagree with what I just posted but that's the way the things are. It's a perspective of someone that lived in quite few countires and some of them where English speaking.

And one more thing, there is no such thing as America the continent. America IS a COUNTRY. North America IS a CONTINENT, South America IS a CONTINENT. And people from the United States of America are called Americans. Just like people from Mexico (which full name of it is United States of Mexico by the way) are called Mexicans. As for people that live in North and South America are called North Americans and South Americans. When you say "Americans" then you're referring to people from the United States of America. When you say "America" then you're referring to the United States of America. Besides the only thing that matters is how people from that country want to be called and not what some ignorant and arrogant fool from somewhere else in the world says. And not to mention that the U.S.A. is the oldest country in North America with Mexico and Canada being much younger. Most people don't even know that. In fact a research done in U.K. and Sweden showed that vast majority of people around the world know absolutely nothing about the U.S. but they are so arrogant and brainwashed that they're still talking about it like they know. The so called "world" is pathetic, brainwashed, hypocritical and arrogant.

I know that the comments I'm responding to are very old but the stupidity and arrogance of those people is timeless and contagious. And their posts make the posters on YouTube look like intellectual giants.

Thank you so much for this link! It fixed my spell check problem! No more squiggly lines!

Running 3.4.1
Extension manager shows no dictionary. I downloaded the en_US.oxt. Invoked the "add" in the Extension manager. Extension manager label reads: Adding en_US.oxt". Popup titled extension manager advises "an error occured during file opening". (Note that the correction spelling is "occurred" [with 2 "r"s]".

I downloaded the en_US.oxt twice. Same result.

No further diagnostic info available.




Thank you so much for this link! It fixed my spell check problem! No more squiggly lines!

Hi, I need help with the English spellchecker. I can't seem to get it to work, even though it is listed in my extension list as turned on, in the Open Office software itself. Appreciate the help!

It fixed it! I followed the instructions below that the other fellow had left(thank you very much), and it fixed the spellchecker and it is working fine. His instructions were: Spellchecker IS FIXED

Yea, I struggled with this for quite some time too. It's pretty sad that Apache does not follow the forums and state a solution to this problem...But I did find a SOLUTION. You need to shut down AOO, kill the soffice.* processes, delete the user profiles and restart. Done! The user profiles can be found at c:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\ . I simply deleted the entire folder.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Please tell me where to free download english thesaurus synonymous file?
I want this to for content writing.

I, too, am having trouble with OO spellcheck suddenly showing all words underlined (i.e., not in the dictionary). When I checked Options in Spellcheck, it appeared as though the English dictionary is there, but I downloaded it again, saved it as an .oxt in the Extensions Manager. It now shows up there (with the .oxt extension) and also in the Spellcheck Writing Aids (with the .oxt extension) as does the original US English dictionary. Any ideas as to why every word is allegedly misspelled, and the dictionary is not working>

Yea, I struggled with this for quite some time too. It's pretty sad that Apache does not follow the forums and state a solution to this problem...But I did find a SOLUTION. You need to shut down AOO, kill the soffice.* processes, delete the user profiles and restart. Done! The user profiles can be found at c:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\ . I simply deleted the entire folder.

Thanks userdww, that did the trick.

For those of you with spelling checker problems - I was using OO 3.4.1. One day the automatic spelling checker was flagging everything as misspelled. My settings seem correct according to may online resources. I could change from English (US) to English (UK) and it worked! But when I switched back, everything was misspelled again.

Note for those considering this fix - the directory you'll delete does have settings within. I immediately noticed that window positions, zooms setting withing documents and a number of other things disappeared.

But... spelling is fixed. All the rest can be reset.


My spell check in US English and German have both stopped working too and show all words as unknown. I have downloaded OO anew and the spell check but nothing. Zip! Apparently, OO Writer is now without any spell check in any language. Useless.

I have seen several posts regarding a situation where the spelling check function has suddenly stopped. Mine has done the same and i have seen no viable solutions. I have attempted downloading the US English dictionary, but to no avail. I have been using AOO to write a book and been very pleased until now. Having every single word flagged is incorrect is annoying, distracting, and renders your product all but useless. As a further note, when I went to to APP 3.4.1, it caused major problems with my operating system. How can I get the dictionary installed so that can move forward?

Might I ask why this discussion seems consistently to talk about the notion of a
"spell" checking rather than a "spelling" check?

We use spell checking in my coven, and I think it may have been used at
Hogwarts. But as for verifying that words are correctly spelled, it seems more
appropriate and correct to talk about their spelling.


I've a french version of Apache Open Office and just wanted the US spellcheck. I downloaded it, it is in the file with my extensions but it doesn't show up in the linguistic settings of the Writer..
Can you help me to get it working (or do i need to intall the US version of open office to get the english spellcheck??)


I hope I can solve your problem (if it hasn't been already), I too have OpenOffice in French and was in the same situation as you are. To make it work, you have to close any OpenOffice documents opened and also close the Quickstarter of OpenOffice (which is in the box that opens when you click the up arrow in the taskbar). After that reopen OpenOffice and the dictionary should be available for selection. Let me know if it helped!

Have a good day/evening/night

Actually i had to desinstall openoffice and reinstall it so that the new language extension become active in the spelling check box. but thanks anyway

I have tried to install this extension because a virus wiped out all the words in my original file. But when I try to install it using the extensions manager I get "file does not exist" and nothing gets installed. I need to know how to manually install this dictionary. The auto-install (download) does the same exact thing.

Fixed that problem, sort of. When I first install the extension, everything seems ok. But when I shut down the program and launch a previously written document, every single word shows as misspelled.
This makes no sense to me.

Can anyone help me?

pages and pages of useless arguing... nobody asked the question that puzzles me - what's the purpose of this extension? what does it offer that dictionary/spellchecker bundled with openoffice doesn't have?

If you install the English version of Open Office, this extension off course is quite useless.
But please think of all those, who aren't English or American.
I am from Germany, so I install the German version because I mostly write in German and need a Germen spell check.
But sometimes I write in English or edit English subtitles. I am sure you understand, that a German spell chek in this case is quite useless.
Therefor I am very happy, that I have found an English dic that will help me.

I hope my answer was helpful for you....

it was helpful, thank you.

i don't get why it isn't included either way - english version comes with spanish and french spell checker... whose brilliant idea was that german version (possibly others) doesn't need english spellchecker?

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
I thank you very much for en-US.oxt. It's a precious program. I have learned how to work with it. I must save with an English word. If I save in German than it's English program off. I had more times attempt it. Now I'm happy.
Your faithfully Lothar Berg

I wish to train myself to stop using certain English words. So, I'd like to edit my dictionary so that OOo flags those words as misspelled.

How can I edit the contents of this dictionary to remove some words? Or, do you have a source that I could get and build from?


Pat McGee

Download and extract the extension file to a folder. (you might need to rename it to .zip, not .zip.oxt, for your archive program to recognize it)
Open en_US.dic in a good text editor (Notepad will be hard to use because it won't see the newline breaks correctly, Wordpad should work).
Delete the words you want to. (you don't need to worry too much about the letters after the / after the words; the legend is in en_US.aff if you care)
Save the file.
Put all of the files in a .zip archive then rename it to have a .oxt extension (not
Install the new extension into OOo.

I have a Vista operating system and am using OpenOffice 3.
I am using the dictionaries that came with my initial OpenOffice installation. I have added thousands of archaic and Latin words to the spell checker. What are the locations and file names I need to put these dictionaries on another machine I am going to be using? I have found en_US.dic and en_US.aff in the uno_packages directory under AppData.....\ I also found a standard.dic under wordbook. It doesn't look like either of these contain all the words I've been adding to my dictionary. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I would appreciate a copy of that word list.
Any tips on installing it would also be much appreciated.
Ed Wright
edw at thewrightsplace dot us


Thank you for this hard work!

The description does not mention which wordlist is used to compile this dictionary or who to contact when one would find words to be updated.
The description is yet a bit limited. Who can I contact for more information?
Can I contribute with writing a description?

PS: it seems that everyone knows what 'American English' or 'US English' generally refers to. So perhaps it does it exists, although there is not official institute that maintains the rights to define what it is and what it is not.

Thank you!

...especially considering the fact that there IS NO single "correct" form of U.S. English - the U.S. government, unlike those of many European countries, does not legislate the proper use of its language (in fact, U.S. English isn't even its language, as we have no official language; legislative documents are just as valid in Aramaic, for example, as they are in English). "Correct" usage in U.S. English is determined independently by anyone who can get his/her dictionary/grammar guide published and widely accepted (though the - currently - major players in the field tend to base their definitions on trends in institutional academic writing, listing "incorrect" common usage as slang, neologism, colloquialism, vernacular, etc.). I make up new words all the time using extant morphemes, and they're perfectly correct as long as my audience (in my case usually my professors, but occasionally the public at large) accepts them as such. Sorry to all of you linguistic prescriptionists out there, but the increasingly rapid pace of information transfer is paralleled by an increasingly rapid pace of language-shift. This topic, like so many highly politically-charged topics, is moot, since "correctness" is ultimately determined by intelligibility, and intelligibility is by definition governed by usage.

As an interesting side note, the word "moot" originally meant "subject to debate" but now most commonly means "irrelevant to practice". I find this of interest because that which is most-subject to debate is often that which has direct implication on practical matters.

Anyway, as an adopted ISO code, en_US is probably most correct.

You studied linguistics didn't you. Look, most people who come to this site don't know the jargon of someone with a Linguistics degree or someone who listens to John McWharter. English is a continum of dialects, as most languages are. The fact that we have a US English spell checker to suggest corrections for the way words are most commonly and acceptably spelled in the United States is good for those users. I could just as easily publish a "more correct" IPA spell checker to force people to spell the way the actually sound that that would not be useful.

As far as some states go, there are some with English as the "official" language but at the Federal Level there can never be an "official" language because of the First Amendment, and really that is a good thing. The day may come when most "Americans" no longer speak English. (I am pulling for Houma myself but French or Spanish would do just as well.) Freedom of Speech, which originally was intended as the freedom to speak the TRUTH, now just means the freedom to lie as much as you want and actually speaking the truth in the US is considered hate speech. (as in you can't say that murder is murder because the person who did is it a poor teenage girl). If the US has any integrity at all then it needs to realize that Freedom of Speech also was intended to mean the Freedom to Speak whatever Language you want. Just read the Federalist Papers and it says so right there.

It can not be denied that the various English speakers around the world have pushed the language almost to the point of being different languages that are unintelligible to each other. That is normal. English is a funny language anyway. It shows signs of having had a huge group of Semitic pidgin speakers at one point, then is went through Grimms Law and then it dropped Gender markers and declensions. The funniest thing is that it picked up "do support", probably from a Celtic language. This makes English a very interesting language, but also a very difficult language and one that is ill suited for the International standard as it is well on its way to meltdown and fracture. But again that is normal. English will not be the dominate language for much longer. Something else will come along and take English's place the same as English displaced French, French displaced Latin, and Latin displaced Greek, which it self had displaced Syriac. Lingua Francas come and go so please no tears when it is English's turn to fall. That is just par for the course as we move into the future.

I just hope it isn't Chinese that comes next, that is a really hard language to learn. And just think, Manderin is the "easy" language in China compared to Cantanese.

Actually, we do have a national language, and it is English. No, I am not just spouting uneducated nonsense, they voted it in last year or the year before. :P Prior to that the only official language on any books was actually German. :P

As for proper, that varries from generation to generation. Not sure I can argue against your point there. ^^;;

I came across this US English dictionary in the search for extensions. I also came across an Australian dictionary. But where's the British English dictionary? Does one exist for OOo 3.0?

I haven't tried this US dictionary yet; does it include British?

It's ported from the previous version

No, this US dictionary doesn't include British English. I don't know if one exists yet.

One does exist, you can find it here enjoy :)

I've been searching for it about 2 hours. Finally, i was about to give up but i've found this link. Thanks a lot!

Please can we put the link for the British English dictionary in the dictionary page? Please?

Great dictionary! Thanks!!

it doesn't work don't download

There is no such thing as American English. It's just English!

The English in the United States and the English spoken in the United Kingdom are not one in the same. The words, although similar, can be very, very different and mean totally different things! They also tend to be spelled differently as well. English in the UK is much purer compared to what we have in the U.S. which is pretty much "Walmart" grade--a reflection on those that usually shop at such a place--most who could not read or write themselves out of a paper bag because they have been so dumbed down!

ASDA is owned by Walmart. I hope you don't shop there or you also could be 'dumbed down'. You can say what you want but I think you should think about how people speak in East London. They are the most uneducated group of people I have ever seen/met. I lived in both the UK and the US and I have to admit Londoners could be pretty sophisticated and sound very lovely when they speak, but some people just need to re-learn how to speak their own language. I'm not defending so called 'Americans' either. They can sound intelligent or stupid. It really depends on who you meet. And obviously when you went to Walmart, you met some pretty stupid people. I also think you went to a poor part of America, because my friend in America ride their Porches to Walmart. They also graduated from Cornell and UPenn. If you think Oxford and Cambridge student are stupid and 'so dumbed down', I have no further comment other than you must be fuckin stupid.

Well, sorry to disagree with you, but there is. It's a dialect of English.
If someone had the wrong dialect installed, things like color/colour could be wrong for where they live (e.g. this says colour is wrong and suggests color, so for a British person it would incorrectly tell him colour is wrong every time he types it).

English is the language of England, the country of my birth and heritage.
Leaving aside the growing dominance of Spanish, 'American English' is that which can it be argued hardly exists as 'America' is a continent, not a country. Perhaps calling your bastardisation of my language 'USA English' might help, leaving plain 'English' to refer to my language?

Regardless, were trying to sound like a pompous, pretentious tool? Or, are you just a natural at it? Honestly, I don't think you could make your comment anymore antagonistic and petty if you tried. " YOUR bastardisation of MY language". Are you kidding me? Are you in Junior High or something? Let's go ahead and get this cleared up before you lose focus and go back to doodling with crayons and magic markers: 1. The OP did not coin the term, nor did they "bastardize" anything. This was established and accepted by people with a lot more knowledge on the subject than anyone on this comment thread. Which brings me to... 2. Since the English language is yours , why don't we just get on the horn and start letting the people at Webster's know that they need to get the okay from you before they make any changes to the next edition?
I've already spent more time and attention than was necessary on this reply. But, in my defense, the arrogance, ignorance and arguably bigotry in your comment was just begging for someone to come along and correct you. I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one. The sad part is that it likely won't even make a dent. People who say and do things like your little temper tantrum here, rarely admit they're wrong or even see that they are.