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Thursday, 15 November, 2007 - 15:22
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Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x?

BookmarksMenu is an extension to add a menu like a favorits menu on the OpenOffice menubar. This extension is based on the idea of Malte Timmermann's Favorites Menu.

Version 1.0 works on Apache OpenOffice 3.4 or later. Requires Py-UNO installation. After the installation of the extension package through Tools - Extension Manager, restart your office. If you use quick starter, please stop it too. You can see Bookmarks menu on the main menu of the office after restarting your office. You can modify your bookmarks through Edit Bookmarks entry in it.

Version 1.0.8 or later supports LibreOffice 4.0.

Version 1.0 does not work with Unity embedded main menu on Ubuntu 12.10. For example if you use LibreOffice bundled with Ubuntu 12.10, empty popup menu is shown for Bookmarks entry. Please use official release of LibreOffice built by TDF if you need this extension to work with your office.

Version 1.0 is differently installed from version 0.6.2.

If you have older version installed, you can migrate bookmarks of it according to Migration.

Now help file can be read on online-help or the web: Online Help.

UI languages: English, French, German and Japanese.

If you want to use this extension in your language, we have the project on Transifex. Please have a look at the page for instructions to translate.

The following description is based on version 0.6.2.
Version 0.6.2 works on - 3.3. It has UI languages: Czech, Danish, English, French, German and Japanese.

After installation of the extension, execute the macro from the Tools - Add-Ons - BookmarksMenu... entry that shows Bookmarks Menu dialog. And push the help button of the dialog to show the help file.

Bookmarks Menu

Version Operating system Compatibility Release date
1.0.9 System Independent -- 21/06/2013 - 09:21 More information Download
1.0.8 System Independent -- 06/03/2013 - 12:58 More information Download
1.0.6 System Independent -- 25/10/2012 - 13:44 More information Download
0.6.2 System Independent 2.x, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 17/12/2008 - 02:35 More information Download


Thank you very much !

I have a lot of files on my hardware scattered in many, many locations.
So much easier to open them now !

Suggestions for the future :
> It would be cool to have in the menu "add this file to the bookmark"
> In Edit Bookmarks, reorganize the buttons : the button "update" should be under the editing widgets. I clicked several times on OK, closing the window instead of updating anything. The GUI is not very intuitive.
> A side panel, like the Firefox one, would be very great !

Thank you for your suggestions.

> It would be cool to have in the menu "add this file to the bookmark"
This feature is added on 0.2.0.
> In Edit Boo...
The dialog of 0.1.1 is not freandly for users. Create new - update entry process is taken away and new dialog is added to edit the entry.
> A side panel, like the Firefox one, would be very great !
Current does not provide the feature of dockable window for the API and it can not be support by using only Basic.

This is a very cool extension ! :)

I have other suggestions. (But I don't know what the API allows.)
> Label and url fields shouldn't be editable, as we must use the button Edit to edit.
> The url field is too short.
> Move entries between submenus would be great.

Thank you for your additional suggestions.
> Label and url fields shouldn't be editable, as we must use the button Edit to edit.
It was fixed.
> Move entries between submenus would be great.
Only one step movement of a selected entry between current menu and the parent or submenus is supported by its contextmenu.

Thank you again :)

If you click Tools>Add-ons->bookmarks menu and then Cancel right on, you''ll get an error message...

Thank you for your suggestion.

It caused by the kind of modules that installed in And it has been fixed on 0.3.1.

I tried for the first time to update within OOo (from 0.3.0 to 0.3.1) and, even if my bookmarks are still available, I don't see them anymore when I click on "Edit Bookmarks".
Note : the cause of the problem could be that I renamed the menu... just an idea.

Even when I delete the extension, the menu is still there and works.

I download the extension again and install normally after removing the old one.

Now, when I want to edit "Edit Bookmark", there is an Runtime error basic.
> DialogLibraries.setPosSize(40,40,0,0,

> DialogLibraries.setPosSize(40,40,0,0,
This bug has fixed on 0.3.2. I'm sorry for my mistake...
Other problems you said are caused by, it I thougut.

Hello, I use the Extension above - is it possible not only to bookmark a document but folder too?


Hi, If you want to open a folder with your file manager, use "ShellCommand" type to make a new entry. For example:

  • On Windows OS, Type: "ShellCommand", Url: explorer.exe and Arguments: C:\Program Files (folder path that you want to open).
  • On KDE desktop environment, Type: "ShellCommand", Url: kfmclient, Arguments: openURL /home/username.
  • On GNOME, ... sorry I don't have GNOME environment but Nautilus or gmc may be used in the same way above.

Do not input any double quote or quote charactors in the Url or the Arguments.

If ShellCommand type selected, the extension makes a subroutine of OOo Basic to execute the command automatically and set its URL of the macro to the entry. Some application can be launch from an entry of the bookmarks menu in the same way.

Hi hanya - that's it!
thank you very much

In GNOME, you can use "xdg-open" (without quotation marks) with the ShellCommand in Bookmarks Menu to open any file or folder with whatever application is the default for the system.

For example:

  • xdg-open /home/Documents/
  • Opens the Documents directory in Nautilus (or the default file manager if set to something other than Nautilus)

  • xdg-open /home/Desktop/some.pdf
  • Opens some.pdf in Document Viewer aka Evince (or the default pdf viewer if set to something other than Evince)

  • xdg-open /home/video.mpg
  • Opens video.mpg in Movie Player aka Totem (or the default player for mpeg files if set to something other than Totem)

    and so on.

    The xdg-open command should work in the same way in KDE, XFCE, and other environments where the xdg-utils package is installed. More details here:
    Ubuntu Linux (7.10)

    Hi, Congratulations and thanks for this very useful extension.

    One suggestion for improvement: It took me a while to find out how to create sub-menus. These seem to be called 'parent menu' (Bookmarks --> Edit Bookmarks --> New -> Type=ParentMenu). Perhaps the term 'sub-menu' would be more appropriate, or 'sub-menu' appended to the help file or something.

    Thank you for your reply. I changed it to Sub-Menu on version 0.3.3.

    Sweet! Nice job on the extension. It is invaluable to me as I don't care for desktop shortcuts and as an Ubuntu user I didn't like filling up a Gnome Panel with document shortcuts. A dream come true.

    I have translated this extension to french. Where can I send the files ?

    Hi, please send it to mail hanya[AT]

    Suggestion: add the Bookmarks menu to the quickstarter (that way, you won't have to open a blank file, or an empty OpenOffice, before you can use it).

    I've been looking for something like this. Thanks!

    Thank you for your suggestion. But current quickstarter is not configurable. If the issue i86798 has a chance to fix, I may add the feature.

    I've noticed when I try to make a bookmark to open the following path (in Gnome with xdg-open), it doesn't work:
    /media/hdb1/LargeRecords/RenPy Projects

    It works fine with paths I've tried without multiple words.

    Thank you for your report. And fixed on 0.4.3.
    Tested in Gnome with nautilus and in winXP with explorer. If someone use nautilus as the file manager, try this command as file manager "nautilus --no-desktop --browser" (without double quote characters).
    I couldn't find xdg-open in my environment....

    I used "Bookmark This Document" on a writer document that I am frequently working with. Clicking on the entry in the list does not work.

    Creating the bookmark using the wizard does not work either.

    I discovered that when I renamed the folder several levels up and removed the ampersand (&) from the folder name, the Bookmark This Document and resulting link worked fine.

    Unfortunately, I cannot rename the folder permanently because many other shortcuts and links already exist.

    I am using Windows XP Pro SP2 with JRE 1.6.0_03 and OO 2.4.0

    Thank you for your reporting the issue.
    The problem is fixed on 0.5.1 and already released. Now you can use "%, &, #, =" characters in the file path.

    Fast response and lovely work - it is a truly useful extension.

    Thank you.

    I have trouble using this extension for opening directories. I have used the wizard, and I get a error message when executing the entry. It seems there is a couple of " too many in:
    ExecuteCommand("explorer.exe", ""C:\Program Files""). When I press the Test button it works. Is this a bug?
    Jørgen Rasmussen

    Yes, it is a bug. The argument needs to quote with three double quote marks if it has space characters. I will fix the serious bug because it brings syntax error into the basic module.
    Please try 0.5.2.

    When i have upgrade extension bookmarks and i have recent link to a folder
    made, this doesn't work again when the update is done.
    It is bored when you must de wizard again and delete the old one.

    Is this solve the problem?


    Open folder with the filemanager uses ShellCommand module of the Basic. So, did you back up it before update and restore it after update of the extension ?

    I have made the link wirth the wizard and choose "Open directory" or "Open ...."dialog with specified directory." When there is a update i choose for install and when i use the link it doesn't work. When i use the link to a file its oke. So i didn't backup or restore things.


    I just stumbled over your nice extension, and will get rid now of my own hacked script now :)

    I already made some promotion for it in my blog.

    If you are interested in improving your extension a little bit (having the menu as a sub menu in the file menu), just leave a comment in my blog, and I will find somebody here for hints or sample code.

    You gave me the idea of the extension. It is very nice idea.

    >having the menu as a sub menu in the file menu
    Like a context dependent recent file list ? Does someone want it?

    I'm working on German translation and hope to finish soon!

    I already sent resource files to you. If someone want to translate this extension to your language, contact me from the contact form.
    And I will fix locale problem of the dialog on the next release.

    A Scripting Framework error occurred while running the Basic script
    Message: BasicProviderImpl::getScript: no script!

    I received this error trying to launch a bookmark that should open in another application. The bookmark was working previously.

    Bookmarks to OpenOffice documents are still working.

    If there is any more information that I can provide, let me know.

    As an aside, this error made me think that being able to back up bookmarks would be useful if one was going to remove and then re-install the extension.

    Best wishes,

    I just noticed this in the "Menu"

    I have exported the settings - Can I use this information to find out what the error is that I mentioned previously?

    I created a new bookmark to a file that opens in another application and it works. I exported the settings again. I have compared the entries for the working against the non-working and I can see little difference:

    <menu:menuitem menu:id="" menu:label="Key Words & Phrases (mm)"/>
    <menu:menuitem menu:id="" menu:label=""/>

    I could't find any differences between these menu items. Because these name of the macro is generated randomly.

    So, I think this caused by the update. I need to move ShellCommands module to another library. But "Execute program", "Save As ...", "Open ..." and "Open directory" use mytools_BookmarksMenu module. There are other problems maintain of the library and remaining problem of the another library after the extension uninstallation.

    Thank you for your report.
    Did your update the extension before the error? If you did, you needed to back up the ShellCommands module. You don't need to make a back up of the menu settings when updating the extension.
    If you didn't, this might be a problem. Could you check the ExecuteComand_WXPDWYEZUB is there in the ShellCommands module inside. Choose Tools - Macros - Organize Macros - ... entry and then expand My Macros and mytools_BookmarksMenu, and select "ShellCommands" module. Check is it in the list.

    very nice information.

    It's coming up with the menu so narrow you can only see the New button and part of the Edit button, and it won't resize. When you select "Bookmark this document" nothing happens, even if you press enter.

    I really found this extension a life saver before, so I hope you can tell me how to get it working on linux.

    I'm using OO 2.4.1 running on Ubuntu Hardy Heron, and I just downloaded the extension a couple of days ago, it says 0.5.5 on the oxt file.

    >It's coming up with the menu so narrow you can only see the New button and part of the Edit button, and it won't resize.

    It is Compiz related bug on the Ubuntu. Other extensions have the same problem on the Ubuntu.
    Some other post are there in the French forum but I can't read French.
    So, you can disable the compiz on your environment.

    I can only install this extension for one user account at a time. If I try to install as a shared extension it gives an error about every user needing to confirm install/eula?

    It would be really nice to be able to install to all users in one go esp. now that open office 3 gives the option of installing an extension for all users (well at least from an admin account in xp)

    This extension does not work in shared library because some function create macro and store it in the library. Normal users can not write into shared libraries.
    I don't want to make another library because it remains after the uninstallation of the extension. Hum...

    I made the package that can be installed as shared installation:
    This extension package is only for developer. I need more test before release.
    The ShellCommand module will be created in BookmarksMenu library of user library (the extension is installed as mytools_BookmarksMenu library). All ancient ShellCommand modules and settings can not be used with the package indicated above.


    Is it possible to find the line number to which a bookmark belongs to in a document.

    Any idea please.


    I installed it, but when I click on it in the Add-ons I get this alert: Error, Unable to obtain document content factory!

    I'm using OOO320m 12 (Build:9483) running on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx (Debian 1:3.2.0-7ubuntu4)



    I am trying to add a page to bookmark . does anyone know of this option for openoffice 3.2.1.

    Thanks for your help


    When i choose save as a directory with the wizard its oke, but when i use the link then it comes with the dirictory i have use at the latest time and not from the link.
    Can you help me further?


    Does anyone know if the Bookmarks Menu extension will work with LibreOffice 3.3 (OSX Snow Leopard)?

    This extension used to work with LibreOffice - it is very helpful! Now I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.10, with LibreOffice and Bookmarks Menu 1.0.5. It shows on the Menu, but it does not work - no contents in the submenu, and it does not show in installed macros. Any idea?